Wizard's Quest

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Wizard's Quest is a game in roguelike genre, but there are several points that makes it a little different. Main difference is the way game handles time. While it is perfectly turn based, duration of turns in terms of internall time is different and depends on a speed of a creature. Another thing that's not so easy to get used to at first is when the effect of an action is happening. You'll get result of almost any action AFTER the time for this action is spent. If you use potion of healing, character won't be healed immediately, only after 'use potion' action time is passed. If your character have 50 hp and nearby monster is about to attack him for 70 damage, this character is most likely dead. He won't drink his potion in time. The only action that have immediate result is move. Character is moved to new position and only than game time is spent. That was done to prevent collisions when two or more units are trying to move to the same tile.
Another difference is the way the game handles light. There is no such thing as permalit room (or corridor). In order to see content of a tile, this tile must be lit by some kind of a light source. Some monsters carry light source with them and you can see them in the darkness, but some do not, and it is possible to meet them suddenly at a disturbing vicinity.
As the name of the game implies, it's all about magic.